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dc.contributor.authorGünalan, Elif
dc.contributor.authorYıldırım Çavak, Betül
dc.contributor.authorTurhan, Saadet
dc.contributor.authorKaya Cebioğlu, İrem
dc.contributor.authorDomínguez, Raúl
dc.contributor.authorSanchez-Oliver, Antonio Jesús
dc.identifier.citationGünalan, E., Yıldırım, B., Turhan, S., Kaya Cebioglu, İ., Domínguez, R. & Sanchez-Oliver, A. J. (2022 June 6-7) Use of dietary supplements in Turkish professional soccer players: Preliminary data [Oral Presentation Abstract]. 1st International Congress: Exercise, Biomechanics and Nutrition, Portugal. ISBN: 9789895323685, ss. 33, 104.en_US
dc.description.abstractThe usage of dietary supplements (DS) is a potential strategy to achieve success for professional soccer players who have a very challenging schedule with national and international competitions. The aim of this study is to evaluation the DS consumption and related issues of Turkish soccer players. 117 professional soccer players (79 male and 38 female) participated to the study. All the participants completed DS consumption related spesific questionnaire which including parts of demographic properties, sports/ training and consumption of DS. According to results, 87.2% (n=102) of participants declared consuming at least one supplement. Consumption of DS was determined a higher amount in males than females (93.7% vs. 73.6%). The average number of consumed DS (plus the std. dev.) by the participants was calculated as 7.4 ± 7.0 (10.1 ± 7.5 in males vs. in females 4.0 ± 4.3). The mostly consumed DS were sports drinks (63.2%), magnesium (52.1%), vitamin C (51.3%), vitamin D (46.2%), caffein (38.5%), sports bar (28.2%), whey protein (28.2%), meat protein (25.6%), vitamin E (24.7%), omega 3 fatty acids (24.8%), zinc (23.1%), electrolites (22.2%) and iron (22.2%). The major reason for consumption of DS was to increase the sport performance (65.8%). Most common sites of purchase were soccer club (38.5%), pharmacy (25.6%) and internet (18.8%). Main sources of DS consuming motivation were dietitian (39.3%) and physical trainer (35%). Consumption of DS was widely common behaviour among Turkish professional soccer players. However, it has been observed that there were majör differences in consumption awareness of DS among soccer players who were different sexes. In the further analysis and studies, the investigation of the consumption of DS within the framework of legality, effectiveness and reliability will be important in terms of protection and improvement the health of soccer players.en_US
dc.publisherInstituto Politécnico de Setúbalen_US
dc.relation.ispartof1st International Congress: Exercise, Biomechanics and Nutritionen_US
dc.subjectErgogenic aidsen_US
dc.subjectSports performanceen_US
dc.titleUse of dietary supplements in Turkish professional soccer players: Preliminary dataen_US
dc.departmentFakülteler, Sağlık Bilimleri Fakültesi, Beslenme ve Diyetetik Bölümüen_US
dc.departmentFakülteler, Sağlık Bilimleri Fakültesi, Ergoterapi Bölümüen_US
dc.contributor.institutionauthorGünalan, Elif
dc.contributor.institutionauthorYıldırım Çavak, Betül
dc.contributor.institutionauthorTurhan, Saadet
dc.identifier.startpage33, 104en_US
dc.identifier.endpage33, 104en_US
dc.relation.publicationcategoryKonferans Öğesi - Ulusal - Kurum Öğretim Elemanıen_US

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